Satori orchestrates change; we deliver insight, add clarity and align business objectives to yield results. We go beyond the obvious and search for innovative solutions, working side-by-side with our clients to implement them.

Assessing a competitive landscape

By assessing our client’s competitive landscape and technological capabilities, we designed a roadmap that enabled the completion a five-year strategic plan.

The Situation
The captive financial services company of an industry-leading automotive manufacturer wanted to improve its competitiveness. The firm’s historically strong financial performance was waning as customer demographics shifted and foreign competition grew more intense. Satori Consulting was engaged to assess the competitive landscape, focusing on threats, competitors’ strategies, technology capabilities, and business opportunities.

The Satori Solution
Our first step was to assist the client in identifying low-cost "quick hits" that would improve financial performance in the short term. Next, we identified industry trends, which helped the client understand the direction of the market. Our particular focus on technology trends enabled the firm to build out a new, forward-looking technology plan.

We also examined longer-term opportunities for growth, specifically with respect to developing direct channels to the client’s end customers. We designed and implemented a scoring algorithm to evaluate all opportunities in terms of the client's strengths, weaknesses, competencies, risk tolerance, financial performance requirements, and other key filters.

The Results
Satori partnered with the client to provide insight for growth strategies designed to increase their competitiveness in both their core business and adjacent markets.


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