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Creating and delivering a new product strategy for a global financial services organization

We created a new product strategy for our client that fits better with its target customer base, while at the same time reducing the cost and timeline for launch in a new market.

The Situation

Our client needed to create a new product strategy that would reduce the cost associated with running two separate business travel products targeted towards similar commercial customers in different markets, and to reduce the burden of development on its bank partners. It therefore needed to decide which of its two current business travel products it was going to develop into a new product offering that suits its customers' needs better, and then develop a strategy for targeting customers and expand the product's footprint in new and existing markets. The strategy also had to fit within the roadmap for the client's services and products.

The Satori Solution

We analyzed the two currently available products and compared them not only to each other, but also against the customer requirements in each of the client's markets. The result was a recommendation to retire one of the products, and to split the second into two tiers: a basic version and a sophisticated version. In parallel with the product strategy, we created a strategy for partnering with travel management companies that will be key to the success of product launches in the markets, and initiated a project with a global travel software provider that would streamline the product ‘s enablement from the travel management company's perspective.

The Results

The client's senior management was delighted with the new product offering and consequently approved the funding for the development of both tiers of products along with an aggressive launch plan in its target markets.


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