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Case Study

Curriculum & Certification Program

The Situation

The internal consulting division of a major healthcare industry organization realized that its training investments were not achieving targeted participation or benefits. Few employees possessed visibility into the breadth of online and instructor-led courses offered, and there was a lack of alignment between coursework and their own specific development needs.
The client engaged Satori to perform a global curriculum and learning needs assessment, to create a comprehensive new training framework, and to design an internal certification program that would re-engage employees in training.

The Satori Solution

The Satori team gathered information and course materials from over 400 courses, both online and instructor-led, and mapped the learning objectives for each course to targeted behaviors derived from the group’s competency model. Satori then determined the degree to which each course developed critical competencies.
The Satori team gathered and analyzed key stakeholder feedback to identify concerns, accommodate emergent needs, and identify curriculum gaps on the global practice and regional levels. For areas with insufficient course content, Satori recommended enhancements to existing courses or designed new courses to close the gaps. The designs for these new and refined courses incorporated best practices in instructional systems design and corporate training.
To guide the design of internal certification programs, Satori organized and facilitated an advisory team of HR and practice-area leaders.  The team held biweekly global meetings to review program architecture, establish the appropriate certification tiers for each role, and determine the appropriate mix of required and elective courses.  Satori provided careful benchmarking against programs offered by the client’s key competitors to guide all advisory team decisions.

The Results

The final certification program designs were delivered to the executive leadership team with a detailed roadmap for implementation and change management. With Satori’s assistance, the client created a framework with which to increase the return on training investments while improving performance, retention, and career development opportunities.


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