Satori focuses on creating and implementing cybersecurity programs to manage customer business risk. We take a holistic approach to cybersecurity and measure the outcomes.


Cybersecurity continues to present significant challenges for all organizations. The complexity of today's IT systems, constantly changing threats, and dependency on third party providers make it difficult to secure digital assets and manage risk.

Satori Cybersecurity Service

Satori's cybersecurity service addresses these challenges by bringing visibility to technology business risk and identifying the right focus to manage it.

Satori’s cybersecurity service also includes ISO 27001 certification readiness. We work with the customer to perform a preliminary certification assessment and develop a plan to remediate the gaps. Additionally, Satori consultants can be engaged to work side-by-side with the customer and close identified security gaps. Our goal is to ensure the customer is fully prepared for ISO 27001 certification.

Our cybersecurity framework guides the thorough assessment needed to develop a roadmap and strategy for the customer:

Satori Cybersecurity Framework

- Inventory - List technology assets. Establish baseline of normal behavior.

- Governance - Provide the right guidance and oversight to ensure the proper controls are in place protect digital assets.

- Protection - Implement processes and technologies to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

- Monitoring/Detection - Monitor information systems to detect unauthorized activity or breach.

- Response - Provide effective and efficient response to security incidents and mitigate risk.


The cybersecurity deliverables are tailored to meet the customer objectives and drive the right outcomes. At a minimum, the cybersecurity deliverables include:

- Technology vulnerability profile

- Customer security risk profile

- Cybersecurity gap analysis

- Cybersecurity strategy

- Cybersecurity roadmap

Cybersecurity Engagement Outcome

The outcome of Satori’s cybersecurity engagement is a holistic, clear, measurable, and actionable program that manages risk in accordance with business risk tolerance.