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Our Industries

We deliver the insight and capabilities organizations need to transform and elevate their business.

Life Sciences

Satori consultants have years of experience assisting leading pharmaceutical firms in realizing opportunities for improvement and growth.

Financial Services

With experience as both internal resources and external advisers, Satori consultants have a sophisticated perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing financial services institutions.

Government / 
Public Sector

Working for both private industry and government clients, Satori puts expertise and insights gained across our portfolio to bear on every engagement.

Data / Research

Satori Consultants are experienced working across data and research oriented firms to provide valuable insights aimed at improving operations and realizing results.

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High Tech

Using our cross-industry expertise we work with clients in the high tech industry to apply best practices for improving business performance and minimizing risk.

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We work with manufacturing clients to improve processes, reduce costs, and realize results.

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Hospitality & Leisure

Satori provides guidance to clients within the Hospitality and Leisure industries to ensure these companies can meet the challenges of changing economics and consumer demands.

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Higher Education

We work with learning institutions to address strategic issues such as operating efficiency, evolving learning platforms, cost control, and changing student demands.

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Our consultants have years of experience working with many types of retail clients addressing organizational, operational, and strategic issues.

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Consumer Goods

We have worked with consumer packaged goods, luxury retailers, apparel manufacturers, and food and beverage clients to assist them with a variety of challenges including marketing, sourcing, organizational and operational effectiveness.

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We assist publishers in implementing strategies, improving processes, and meeting the challenges in this changing industry.

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Our consultants have years of experience working with telecommunications clients through the vast changes this industry has experienced.

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Satori assists utilities companies in understanding their ever changing environment and identifying areas for improvement and cost savings.

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