With experience in both internal line management, as well as external adviser roles, Satori consultants have a sophisticated perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing financial services institutions.

Our approach combines solutions tailored to industry needs with a deep understanding of prevailing best practices. Our clients are global leaders in the industry, and our engagements have far-reaching and long-term implications. We have partnered with a variety of financial services firms to strengthen their capabilities in many domains, including Project/Program Management, Technology & Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Risk Management.

  • Enterprise Risk Management


    Due to the plethora of different regulatory requirements (e.g. RCSA, RRA, AML, SOX, TPRM, IT) financial services firms quite often find themselves struggling with risk assessments being performed multiple times, by multiple assurance groups on the same risks, resulting in a complex set of redundant, and sometimes overlapping, information. We work cross-functionally within our client organizations to establish a common risk management framework that harmonizes risk language across the firm (particularly Operational Risk Management, Compliance, IT, Finance, Audit), promoting clarity 
and transparency.

    However, use of language can be highly political, especially within large organizations with different stakeholder agendas. Arriving at a consensus is critical given that the power to say “no” is widespread. Essentially, the business needs to 
move to a situation where risk is assessed once, and then those results are used to respond to the different risk 
assurance programs.

  • Regulatory Risk and Compliance


    As regulatory oversight evolves and expands, financial services firms need to position themselves to respond quickly and consistently to requirements. We work with industry leaders to interpret and respond to new regulations. We also establish systems and processes that ensure ongoing compliance, protecting our clients against financial and reputational risk.

  • Technology Risk


    Our Technology Risk services address the potential threats associated with purposeful or accidental harm to technology-driven assets and information. We work with our clients to construct systems and processes that are secure, flexible, and transparent, enabling them to guard against financial penalties and reputational damage.

  • Business Continuity


    We have a track record helping top financial services firms improve their Cybersecurity, Business Continuity and Technology Resilience. We assess current state, build assessment/scoring models, benchmark against best-in-class industry peers, assess controls effectiveness and maturity, create comprehensive/actionable plans and develop the resources to execute them.

    Our holistic approach to Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Management addresses the operations, processes, tools, skills, and systems necessary for effectively responding to the ever-evolving threat landscape and manage adverse events as and when they arise, all while considering regulatory and shareholder requirements as well as broader organizational objectives.

  • Technology and Infrastructure Services


    Deciding when and how to leverage cloud technologies can be a daunting prospect. We offer a range of strategic services from Strategy and Roadmap Development through to Implementation, including: Cost Optimization; Cloud & Hosting Strategy; Transition & Migration support; Security Assessment & Strategy.

  • IT Vendor Services


    We help our clients build new vendor relationships and improve existing ones. We provide support and advice throughout the requirement specification, evaluation, selection and subsequent vendor management process, focusing on strategic sourcing, performance monitoring, and third-party risk management.

  • Strategy & Advisory


    We enable financial services firms to coordinate IT decisions and activities with broader organizational goals. With an eye toward the rapid evolution of technology, we work with our clients to evaluate performance, prioritize investments, and ensure compliance with changing regulatory landscapes. We also have experience managing deployments, migrations, and transformations on a global scale.