Our Change Management services help organizations adapt. Change Management is a critical enabler that aids in successful adoption of new structures, processes, technologies, or strategies. By addressing culture to build understanding, advocacy, and adoption, we ensure that our clients will experience the long-lasting benefits of change.


Many organizations try to adopt new policies, approaches, or technology after they have been created, as an edict. Changes are opportunities with many flexible pieces. Satori Consulting knows that new things are best adopted when all the stakeholders feel part of the process, and is here to help you make sense of the complicated tapestry of change.

Our Approach

Satori’s Change Management approach helps organizations embrace and fully benefit from changes to structures, processes, systems, or strategies. Our methodology is both comprehensive and flexible, allowing us to tailor change programs to fit the specific needs and objectives of each client. We work with stakeholders to build understanding, engagement, and advocacy.

Change Assessment

We address the effects of change on an organization and its people. We assess employee readiness and define a plan that will help the organization overcome obstacles and realize the full benefits of planned changes. Tools include:

  • Organizational Impact Analysis
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Communication Needs Assessment
  • Learning Needs Assessment

Change Journey Design

Satori’s Change Journey Design defines and illustrates the activities that lead to successful change programs. We work with leaders, champions, and key constituents to create customized journey roadmaps that include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Sponsorship Plan
  • Journey Management Plan

Change Management Delivery

We actively manage the execution, measurement, and refinement of Stakeholder and Journey Management plans. Offerings include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Sponsorship Initiatives
  • Change Journey Management
  • Measurement of Adoption and Employee Satisfaction


We support transitions by generating awareness, understanding, and buy-in. To help deliver targeted messages to diverse audiences, we provide:

  • Communication Planning
  • Communications Development and Delivery

Learning & Performance Support

We develop and deliver training and programs that help people work successfully in new environments. Employees use our support processes, and tools to successfully perform their roles on an ongoing basis. We offer:

  • Learning Solutions Design, Development and Delivery
  • Performance Support
  • Integration with Development Programs