From strategy-setting to the complete delivery of transformation programs, our Organizational Effectiveness solutions enable our clients to make the best use of the knowledge and talent of their people.


Many clients find that their people and technology are not reaching full potential. This can be the result of many factors including:

  • longstanding ways of thinking or business processes that which are no longer optimal
  • mixing cultures through growth or merger that were never rationalized
  • changing demands for talent and skills

Our Approach

In order to meet strategic objectives, organizations need to fully engage and leverage the knowledge and talent of their people. Our solutions range from the refinement of existing structures and management systems to transformational changes that reshape the culture and architecture of an organization. We can help you to dig down and find the underlying causes of your problem and tailor our approach to achieve both immediate and long-term business results.

Talent Management

We align employee talents and skills to performance elements that will help an organization meet its goals. Mechanisms for managing talent effectively include:

  • Competency & Resource Management
  • Attraction & Selection
  • Professional Development
  • Performance & Career Management
  • Rewards & Recognition

Workforce Optimization

During transitional periods, it is particularly important that organizations retain key talent and structure workforce activities to optimize productivity. Satori provides the processes, advice, and support that business leaders need to make the right decisions and help them execute it to ensures that strategic objectives are achieved.

  • Mergers or acquisitions
  • Strategic restructuring or divestiture
  • Outsourcing or relocation of key activities
  • Shift of business model that results in obsolete or re-prioritized skills requirements

Leadership & Governance

We work closely with leadership teams to improve their performance by focusing on the key components of governance effectiveness:

  • Governance Structures & Processes
  • Leadership Team Dynamics
  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Development & Succession Planning

Organization Architecture

Satori works with each client to structure its workforce in a way that promotes operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our designs clarify roles within the operating delivery model so that teams can collaborate to achieve organizational goals. We have particular expertise working during periods of drastic change, such as mergers, acquisitions, rapid growth, and consolidation. Our services include:

  • Organization Analysis & Design
  • Organizational Models & Workplace Design
  • Job Design & Alignment

Culture Change

The culture of an organization can have a profound impact on shaping the day-to-day actions and activities of employees. We work closely with our clients to shape and transform their culture, helping them understand their potential and inspire the behavioral changes required for strong performance. We offer:

  • Culture Assessments
  • Culture Change Programs
  • Integration/Merger Change Programs


Understanding that people are motivated by their values, Satori provides objective cultural assessments that help teams and individuals to understand their value profiles. We provide introspective solutions that get to the root causes of problematic work dynamics at the leadership, management, and team levels. We use our values-based approach to improve:

  • Individual Values and Team Dynamics
  • Role Alignment
  • Values-based Issue Resolution
  • Communication and Change Management
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness

Knowledge Management

Creating, sharing, and managing knowledge within organizations is critical to ensuring that information is fully understood and effectively deployed. We help clients collect and track knowledge and transform into intellectual capital. We use a balanced approach that considers:

  • Knowledge Management Architecture and Strategy
  • Organizational Processes and Tools
  • Communities of Practice and Best Practice Sharing

Human Resource Enablement

Human Resource organizations are continuously challenged to keep up with regulatory changes, support and develop their workforce and adapt to innovation.  Satori empowers Human Resource organizations to expand their capabilities and address the challenges of today’s ever changing workforce.

  • Employee Training, Learning and Development
  • Human Resource Data Reporting and Metrics
  • Human Resource Vendor Initiatives and Management
  • Employee Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resource Digital Transformation and Automation