Satori brings best practices, gleaned from our experience of working with leading private sector firms, to the public sector. This experience coupled with a deep understanding of the unique needs and characteristics of government agencies help us deliver valuable solutions.

We have helped government agencies identify and engage their internal and external stakeholders, providing an objective view point and extensive data gathering and analysis expertise.  We have also helped agencies improve their organizational effectiveness, create actionable strategic plans and supported change initiatives.  Our expertise in the public sector includes Project/Program Management, Change Management, Risk Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Strategy/Advisory and Technology and Infrastructure.

  • Organizational Effectiveness


    We offer solid expertise in assessing current organizational structures, analyzing them against strategic objectives and environmental constraints and recommending measures to improve overall organizational performance.

  • Technology Risk


    Our Technology Risk services address the potential threats associated with purposeful or accidental harm to technology-driven assets and information. We work with our clients to construct systems and processes that are secure, flexible, and transparent, enabling them to guard against financial penalties and reputational damage. Our holistic approach to Cybersecurity and Continuity of Operations/ Continuity of Government (COOP/COG) addresses the operations, processes, tools, skills, and systems necessary for effectively responding to the ever-evolving threat landscape and manage adverse events as and when they arise, all while considering regulatory as well as broader organizational objectives.

  • Technology and Infrastructure Services


    Deciding when and how to leverage cloud technologies can be a daunting prospect for government agencies who have to consider higher-level security requirements and limited budget resources.  We offer a range of strategic services from Strategy and Roadmap Development through to Implementation, including:  Cost Optimization; Cloud & Hosting Strategy; Transition & Migration support; Security Assessment & Strategy.

  • Strategy & Advisory


    We help agency leaders to engage with stakeholders to define key objectives and build buy-in for the tactics needed to meet them. As objective third party advisors, we have demonstrated success in obtaining candid assessments of challenges, opportunities and current performance.  Our strategic planning process provides an accelerated method to identify key objectives and create actionable tactical plans with accountable owners that allow leaders to make measurable progress against objectives.

  • Change Management


    Our change management expertise is of particular value to government leaders as they lead in an environment of constant change.  We understand the impact of change on employees and external stakeholders and how to accelerate acceptance and adoption of necessary change.

  • Schedules and Contract Information


    We are a certified small business for federal procuremens and are on the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) as well as Seaport-e.

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