Our strong project and program management capabilities are what enable us to help our clients realize their potential. In concert with our suite of offerings, our flexible Project and Program Management framework allows businesses to make the leap from strategic vision to savings, growth, and efficiency.

Project, Program, Portfolio Management (P3M)

Satori P3M is the foundation for all the work we do. Our flexible framework has helped a wide variety of businesses organize, manage, and control their projects, programs and portfolios. The P³M suite of tools and processes enables our clients to institute effective governance, high standards, and industry best practices. As a result of the Satori approach, clients make the leap from strategic vision to lasting advancements in savings, growth, and efficiency.

We have customized our P³M methodology to support a variety of large-scale initiatives:

  • Technology implementations
  • Organizational change
  • Process engineering
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Vendor selection
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Merger integration

P³M Office (PMO)

Our experience has taught us that project benchmarking and communication are most effective when they are centralized. The Satori PMO is a "location" for creating and managing the guidelines, processes, and standards that frame every successful project, program, or portfolio. To support the PMO, we offer:

  • Business alignment
  • Methods & strategies
  • Infrastructure
  • Support services

Project Management

Satori Project Management creates a consistent process for managing projects. Because we recognize that different projects have different needs, we provide:

  • Single Project Effectiveness
  • Agile Project Management
  • Project Recovery Services

Program Management

When projects have common themes, managing them holistically is more effective than managing each in isolation. Our Program Management approach provides a process for evaluating and coordinating these opportunities. Services include:

  • Program Criteria/Benefits Analysis
  • Multiple Project Alignment
  • Operational Alignment

Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management services provide a bird's-eye view of projects and programs, which helps our clients to prioritize initiatives according to their strategic direction. We assist by offering:

  • Strategic Modeling
  • Portfolio Analysis & Selection
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Performance Management

P³M Maturity

Satori P³M Maturity helps clients to measure their level of competency in effective project, program, and portfolio management. We supply tools that develop management potential and construct a framework for continuous evolution. Our approach includes:

  • Capability Maturity Assessment
  • Process Improvement Initiative
  • Metrics Capability and Maturity Framework