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Case Study

Achieving Seamless Integration in a Pharmaceutical Acquisition


We worked with a global pharmaceutical company to integrate several critical business components following a major acquisition.  By providing crucial project management support, we ensured a timely, well-coordinated integration, aligning with strategic goals and enhancing operational efficiency through clear communication and informed decision-making.


Following a recent acquisition, a global pharmaceutical company required project management support to integrate several business components into their existing systems and processes. The integration areas of focus included Medical Grants, Publications, and Standard Response Documentation (SRDs).

There was a need to ensure the acquired company’s grant contracts aligned with the parent organization’s operational processes and legal requirements. It was also necessary to align the acquired company’s publication plans with the parent organization’s processes and tools. Additionally, there was a requirement to transition the acquired company’s Standard Response Documents (SRDs) into the parent organization’s tools and templates.

Given the tight timelines and the complexity due to the acquired company’s multiple marketed products, the pharmaceutical company sought our support to ensure successful integration.

Satori Solution

We provided a structured approach to manage the integration activities through three key phases – Project Initiation, Review and Evaluation, and Integration Management.  In the Project Initiation phase, we aligned objectives and expected outcomes, developed a project workplan and meeting schedule, and defined and deployed project management processes. During the Review and Evaluation phase, we reviewed, evaluated, and inventoried each business area, tracked and reported progress, identified red flags and change management needs, and scoped the required change management actions. Finally, in the Integration Management phase, we executed the agreed-upon change management actions, adopted best practices where applicable, and ensured organizational readiness for cutover.

Our support included implementation, timeline and dependency management, status reporting, issue management, and risk mitigation. We led the development and finalization of integration processes, coordinated project activities and resources, and ensured strategic alignment throughout the integration.


Our comprehensive management ensured effective integration through timeline and dependency management, regular status reporting, issue management, and risk mitigation. The result was a timely, well-coordinated integration, aligning with strategic goals and enhancing operational efficiencies. Our transparent communication and informed decision-making processes further contributed to the successful integration.



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