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Case Study

Assessing IT Capability Maturity and Developing a Path Forward


A manufacturing company had expanded significantly in the past five years. A combination of growth through acquisition and minimal investment in IT had led to a fractured IT organization struggling to provide basic services. New IT leadership joined the organization and recognized the need to mature the current IT capabilities but was overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the need. To begin addressing this challenge, the client engaged our team to perform an independent benchmarking of its IT capabilities against industry standards and develop a prioritized roadmap for maturing capabilities.

Satori Solution

We partnered with the client to conduct an IT capability maturity assessment focused on capabilities including IT Strategy, IT Governance, Portfolio Management, Organizational Change Management, Service Desk Operations, and Incident Management among others.

Through a combination of data analysis, interviews, and working sessions, our team assessed the client’s current IT capability levels. For each capability we evaluated what was currently in place, facilitated the client in determining what level of maturity was needed to enable the organization, and then conducted a gap analysis to determine what gaps needed to be addressed to achieve the desired level of maturity. We then assessed the maturity gaps, identified activities required to address them, and developed a prioritized roadmap to guide the organization in maturing its IT capabilities.


Through these efforts the client was able to create a call to action on the critical need to invest in maturing its IT capabilities and provide a prioritized path forward toward achieving the level of maturity needed to enable the rapidly growing organization.


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