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Case Study

Managing the Biospecimen Project


We supported a leading biopharmaceutical firm to redesign its biospecimen management, implementing this through six cross-functional workstreams.


A leading biopharmaceutical firm was redesigning its biospecimen management and implementing this through six cross-functional workstreams: (1) Biospecimen Tracking & Reconciliation, (2) Quality Management System, (3) Consent, (4)  Vendor Initiatives, (5) Data Governance, and (6) Search & Utilization.

The objective was to:

1. Enable coordinated biospecimen collection, storage, retrieval and use across translational, clinical,and clinical pharma

2. Implement standardized, repeatable efficient processes to manage the sample lifecycle and improve biospecimen and data quality

3. Establish data standards and oversight to enable access to clinical and exploratory data

4. Implement tools, technologies and workflows to automate and accelerate biospecimen management processes.


Satori Solution

We provided program management support to the six workstreams and helped the program co-leads receive the aid required from key stakeholders and executive sponsors. Our team managed effective communication between workstream leads and program co-leads to ensure milestones were achieved by deadlines.


We worked with the client to achieve their goals and maintained the six workstreams over time.


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