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Case Study

Enabling Board Technology Strategy Development


A large financial firm required assistance to refine their technology strategy and develop a presentation to communicate the strategic plan to their Board. We collaborated with customer leadership to develop a holistic strategy and the document needed to communicate the plan to business stakeholders. The efforts resulted in a well-defined strategy and roadmap needed to transform IT and enable business innovation.


Our client, a large financial firm, required advisory services to prepare and communicate a technology strategy to their Board. Groups throughout the IT organization drafted technology plans and there was a need to bring them together to craft a holistic strategy and roadmap to achieve the IT mission. The final deliverable was a Board technology strategy presentation.

Satori Solution

We sought to understand the customer’s business strategy, IT mission and vision of future state technology services. We consultants conducted workshops and collaborated with customer leadership to gather input and shape the application, data, infrastructure and cloud strategy to enable innovation and business growth while managing risk. Our team worked to develop the roadmap needed to drive strategic change. The roadmap considered the ability for the customer to absorb change and maintain effective technology service delivery during the transformation. The key elements of the technology strategy included adoption of agile methodologies, implementing a DevOps culture, enabling continuous delivery and smart use of cloud services.


The result was a well-defined strategy, practical roadmap and relevant metrics that drove the change needed to transform IT. The customer was able to measure the results of their program and adapt as business needs shift. Additionally, elements of the strategy will result in driving the change in culture needed to increase adaptability and agility.


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