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Case Study

Brexit Event Management Plan


Satori provided project and change management expertise to assist with the smooth roll out of a firm-wide program in preparation for Brexit.


A leading global investment bank had launched a firm-wide program in preparation for Brexit. The Program milestones were marked by specific events including the go-live of a new legal entity, but the firm did not have a clearly articulated communications and event management plan to track and disseminate information on  the ongoing events. We were engaged to create an event communication plan to manage and communicate status of various business functions through key program-related events.


Satori Solution

Satori developed an event management strategy for the firm-wide events in preparation for Brexit. This included creating a communications plan, defining roles and responsibilities; developing a communication hierarchy, escalation paths, and issue resolution strategy, and establishing a forum for event-related status updates with 100+ key stakeholders across the firm. We also managed the design and roll-out of a tool to track and report live status and issues across various divisions, ensuring that a central repository and artifact was created to manage events.


Satori successfully ensured that key events, decisions, issues, and status related to the Brexit program were managed and communicated to the right stakeholders at the right time through the right forum.


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