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Case Study

Developing a Career Management Framework

We assisted a leading pharmaceutical data analytics and consulting firm in developing a new career management framework for their employees.

The Situation

A leading pharmaceutical data analytics and consulting firm required assistance to address a range of organizational effectiveness challenges related to talent management. Due to a strategy of growth through acquisition, the performance expectations for key roles in consulting, services, sales, marketing and core data analytic groups were not consistently fulfilled on a global basis. Practice Area and regional differences limited the ability of resources to work smoothly as a team as well and to create and deliver fully-integrated solutions.

The Satori Solution

We facilitated the launch of a new Global Organizational Development group and created a charter and three-year Journey Map to guide key investments. Our team led and managed Competency Model development projects for six functional areas. This involved defining core functional competencies and capabilities, contribution standards, and career progression mappings to create a clear line of sight to performance expectations. We also engaged and aligned senior functional and regional leaders to create global views of the differentiating capabilities for the six business areas. We established a new Career Management Framework (CMF) as a foundation for other strategic efforts, including functional curricula, leadership and professional development programs, refined recruiting and other talent management activities. We also served as an advisor to related strategic initiatives to extend the impact of CMF.

The Results

The initiative improved visibility into the performance expectations and career paths for all employees in the targeted strategic areas, increasing performance consistency by allowing for the structuring of annual goal planning and tracking. The improvements in performance management positioned our client to link training to necessary skills and long-term strategy.


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