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Case Study

Building a Data Structure for a Modernized IT Infrastructure


We provided the structure and systematization necessary for our client to obtain the full value of its federal IT contract.


A leading government IT contractor was commissioned to help a critical division of a cabinet-level department rebuild its IT infrastructure in an accelerated fashion. The contract had a potential value of $5 billion if successfully implemented in the reduced timeframe. The contractor engaged us to support the design, building, and implementation of a comprehensive, streamlined, and modernized IT infrastructure system while operating with limited resources and time.

Satori Solution

A key element of this engagement was to understand the underlying data requirements supporting the legacy IT architecture, and to identify the data warehouse requirements that would support the future-state architecture. We orchestrated five functional teams that developed an integrated information model and designed the end-to-end procurement-to-delivery process. The teams also defined the complete data warehouse business requirements, all necessary process changes, and highlighted critical gaps and business issues.

Armed with a detailed view of requirements, business process improvement documents, and contextual data information, we completed the data modeling effort by producing a full-scale cross-functional entity relationship diagram.



Our solutions enabled the IT contractor to improve performance against its service-level agreements and to take advantage of a greater share of contract dollars through process systematization.


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