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Case Study

Creating a Business Intelligence Platform


The project management group for clinical trials of a leading global biopharmaceutical company needed to access many sources of information about projects under way, but there was no central place to access this information, and there were no consistent reporting practices. This caused confusion and significant costs for the project management team to manually pull information and format it for analysis and reporting.

Satori Solution

We worked with the project management team to create a BI platform that allowed project managers to access all sources of data relevant to managing projects from one central portal, and created built-in reporting and charting features. We also created a data dictionary, and performed other standardization tasks to make sure the data was complete and useful.


Project managers and decision-makers reported significant improvement in the ease of access and reliability of the information. Also, the concept of a BI-type system for managing information from many sources inspired many other groups within the organization to begin to rethink their own management of business operations data.


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