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Case Study

Creating a Communication Strategy and Action Plan


An industry-leading pharmaceutical company was implementing a major change to their management of customer engagement programs. The changes impacted associates globally and involved new policies, training, resources, and procedures. The changes needed to be implemented quickly and effectively to ensure regulatory compliance. A complete in-depth plan for communicating the changes was needed to ensure a successful roll out.

Satori Solution

We developed a high-level communication plan broken into quarters with a one-year time horizon. The planning accounted for communication to markets with early roll out, the global roll out, and general awareness of the new policies, procedures, training, and resources. For each roll out, we created a detailed playbook with what needed to be communicated, to whom, and when. Our team then created a management tool to ensure each communication was created, customized for the market, and distributed on time. We also identified roles within each roll out for who was responsible for each step and who could be contacted with questions or comments.

For the global awareness program, we captured all the communication channels and designed tailored messages to fit each channel based on the venue and target audience. Our team also ensured all stakeholders were included in the planning stages and that they received all the communication necessary to support the effort.


Our communication plans ensured that the right message was communicated to the right stakeholders at the right time for every impacted area during the global rollout. Our plans also ensured increased awareness and excitement about the new initiative globally.  The project was rolled out successfully with high levels of awareness and support across all levels of the organization.


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