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Case Study

Creating a Smartglasses Community of Practice


A pharmaceutical company had many diverse uses for smartglasses. They asked us to help bring the users together to create a roadmap for achieving a consistent organization-wide capability. We helped the users identify technology, legal, and procurement requirements needed to support the desired capabilities. The company was able to increase usage and streamline mission critical processes including tech transfers, inspections, and technology support.


Our client had numerous individual organizations within the company developing technology around extended reality (XR). The client IT organization was becoming concerned with the lack of coordination between groups causing duplicate effort and inefficient deployments. Satori was contracted to create a Community of Practice around smartglasses to identify the common use cases, business needs, and organizational roadblocks. The end goal was to create a roadmap to a cross-organizational capability that met the needs of all the potential users.

Satori Solution

We established a community of practice around smartglasses and extended reality for all interested parties within the company. The community shared ideas, challenges, and demonstrated uses. Volunteers formed working groups to develop the critical components of a roadmap to a cross functional capability including evaluating vendors, reviewing legal risks, and determining required technology upgrades to enable all desired use cases.

The community of practice engaged with other related initiatives to identify shared goals and resources and to ensure the timeline and solution would be compatible.



We helped the community of practice create a roadmap to realize a cross-organizational smartglasses capability. They identified other initiatives that would be impacted including Internet of Things and Future labs. They designed a procurement process that allowed for economies of scale and consistent technology support. The roadmap enabled numerous pilot programs and expanded use of smartglasses throughout the organization. Smartglasses and extended reality improved safety, tech transfers, compliance, and overall research and manufacturing efficiency.



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