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Case Study

Creating A Standard And Streamlined Reporting Framework


The Human Capital Management (HCM) division of a global financial investment institution provides a variety of health and wellness services to their employees across all regions by engaging with multiple vendors domestically and internationally. These vendors capture and report on metrics independently from one another. Leadership assessed the data and identified that data was coming in piecemeal, incomplete, inaccurate, not comparable across regions, and did not contain the level of detail necessary. HCM leadership approached us to organize, standardize, consolidate, expand, and streamline the collection and reporting of the metrics from the vendors.

Satori Solution

We partnered with the client and formed a committee comprised of SMEs, data analysts, and Satori as the project manager. We performed a current state analysis detailing all the vendors throughout the global regions, their current reporting processes and capabilities, and a list of employees who manage the vendor relationships. After analyzing we identified the root cause of data inaccuracies across services, vendors, and regions. Within the constraints of the vendor capabilities, we developed an expanded metrics dictionary, collection methodology, reporting framework, and quality assurance process to deliver data that can be tracked and compared consistently across vendors and regions with a level of detail that allows for insights that can inform business operations and strategy. Following the development of the model we created templates for reporting and performed multiple training sessions with the client vendor relationship managers and the vendor reps to ensure there was an effective knowledge transfer.

We also developed a timeline for adding future metrics after the standard reporting model delivered multiple successful reports.


We kicked off the reporting framework and delivered the expanded set of data from all of the vendors for the various services across the globe. We created a dashboard to centralize and display the data. This data is now included in multiple reports to the HCM leaders and C-suite level executives and is being used as a starting point for discussions and investigations into efficiencies in operations as well as unexpected data anomalies.


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