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Case Study

Creating a Worldwide Established Brands Franchise for a Global Life Sciences Company


We worked with a leading life sciences company to build a worldwide franchise responsible for managing mature/legacy brands and ensuring continued patient access to medicines.


Pharmaceutical companies protect new drugs via patents to recoup years of investment and fund future projects. However, every patent has an expiration date beyond which competitors/generics can enter the market, resulting in a loss of market exclusivity for the drug. A brand post-loss of exclusivity (LOE) is called an “established brand”.

Our client realized that their established brands portfolio was going to be growing steadily over the next decade. We engaged with them to develop a solution that would effectively manage this portfolio with limited resources.

Satori Solution

First, we defined the criteria for established brands and finalized the portfolio based on the new definition. Then, we developed and implemented the governance structure required to make timely strategic and tactical decisions. We also designed an operating model taking into consideration geographical nuances and the matrixed functional structure in place for managing established brands.

Once the foundation was set, we focused on defining the processes required to enable effective and efficient management of the established brands portfolio. To do that, we developed a model to assign resources and designed a business model to objectively evaluate future growth opportunities. Additionally, we identified and defined the key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the new Worldwide established brand franchise.

Working under a strict timeline, we also provided program and project management services to keep the project on track.


We helped create a solid foundation for the worldwide established brand franchise and paved the path to manage the portfolio in the future. We ensured that the right stakeholders will be involved in the strategic and tactical decision-making process and provided our client with a model to enable the optimization of resources while delivering maximum value to patients and the company.




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