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Case Study

Creating an IT M&A Integration Playbook


A large pharmaceutical company had undergone a number of acquisitions and alliances over a few years, with plans for more in the future. Following these investments and integrations, IT organizations needed to be merged in a manner that supported long-term business objectives and the overall IT strategy and architecture of the client.

Satori Solution

We developed a comprehensive playbook to guide future IT integration efforts and serve as a living document that can be continually updated based on experience with each new integration. We interviewed relevant stakeholders, reviewed internal documentation, and leveraged external best practices to produce a comprehensive playbook covering (1) Strategy & Architecture, (2) Infrastructure, (3) Applications, (4) Management Processes, and (5) Organization. Each section contained descriptions of activities that must be performed, as well as their associated outcomes, resources required, considerations, and deliverables.


The playbook was been well-received by IT leadership. The client piloted its use for an upcoming acquisition. Additionally, we were asked to advise on the establishment of a Project Management Office to manage integration efforts and use the playbook as a key planning and execution tool.


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