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Case Study

Creating a Strategic IT Roadmap


The R&D Informatics group (an organization within IT responsible for serving global scientific users) of a global biotechnology company acquired the company’s stem cell division as a new internal client. This division required a forward-looking plan to guide the deployment of IT capabilities into the foreseeable future and beyond.

Satori Solution

We were tasked with developing an IT strategic roadmap for the stem cell division. This entailed the facilitation of a comprehensive series of interviews and data gathering sessions with SMEs/division colleagues; subsequent analysis of findings to understand the IT and business landscape, issues/pain points, current/future capability and data requirements, and gaps between current and future states. Our team distilled key issues/gaps into a set of problem categories and defined a project portfolio to address each category. We proposed the project timing and sequence over a three-year horizon, crafted charters for each proposed project and drafted recommended governance and risk management frameworks.


We delivered a detailed IT roadmap with a three-year horizon to the head of the stem cell division. The roadmap defined projects and costs and outlined an implementation plan. This provided a strategic tool to assist in planning, prioritization, and budgeting decisions for the next three years.


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