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Case Study

Planning and Developing a CRM Business Case


We helped our client build a business case for implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.


In order to increase its competitiveness in the market, get better value for its marketing spend, and nurture a new generation of more loyal customers; a global manufacturer of sports apparel needed to transform its marketing operations from being brand, to customer centric, over a five year period.

The company correctly identified the need to develop a best-in-class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capability as an important operational component that was necessary to achieve its goals within the allocated timeline. To this effect, it hired a number of key executives to deliver the vision for such a capability and to gauge the CRM needs of the different business lines within the company, and determine the required investment for the successful completion of the transformation.

Given the company’s global nature, its presence in a multitude of markets in several different regions, and the size and scope of the project, this proved to be an enormous undertaking. We came in to help develop the business plan for the CRM project, by assessing its current CRM capabilities, analyzing the gap that needed to be bridged to reach its goals, and strengthening the business rationale for going ahead with the project.


Satori Solution

Several factors were involved in developing the business case for a global CRM solution including the gauging of current tactical CRM solutions deployed by the firm, determining the type of relationship marketing that the firm would like to engage in once the CRM system is deployed, the level of consumer insights that the firm would like to reach, the size of the customer services organization that needs to support a full-blown CRM solution, the investment in technology, and finally the return on investment and the break-even point that the company should expect within the five year timeline.


Our contributions to building the business case for a global CRM solution measurably increased the company’s understanding of its needs, and how benefits will be realized over a staged deployment and investment timeline. Additionally, key existing assets which could be leveraged in achieving the required solution were identified, along with a clear understanding of what organizational changes would be needed to succeed.


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