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Case Study

Customizing pandemic plans

We tailored the pandemic preparedness plans of a large, global organization to fit the size and specific needs of one of its subsidiaries.

The Situation

A top global financial services corporation had a best-in-class plan for guarding against pandemic risk. Its largest subsidiary, a leading real estate investment management firm, needed to create its own pandemic preparedness plan. It would be based on the work done by the parent company, with two additional considerations: a dramatic difference in size and the presence of public-facing operations.

The Satori Solution

For the subsidiary’s non-public-facing business areas, we adapted the plans from the parent company to suit a smaller organization with lean operations. This involved streamlining the suite of deliverables and simplifying a variety of tools. For the public-facing businesses, we worked closely with the client’s operations team to identify health and facilities issues unique to the businesses accommodating the public. We then created policies and trigger-based action plans that addressed these specific risks.

The Results

Our framework, policy, and approach enabled our client to develop and maintain pandemic-specific business continuity plans at a detailed level. The firm is now able to assure its shareholders and clients that it has taken the necessary steps toward managing the effects of any long-term business disruption.


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