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Case Study

Designing a Concept of Operations for Digital Marketing Support Services


We constructed a suite of potential services and processes for a new global support organization, positioning our client to take advantage of an area of rapid growth and innovation.

The Situation

Our client, a major packaged goods company, saw digital marketing as a division with great potential, where pioneering new techniques could lead to real competitive advantage and material results. Operational support in the area was limited; however, in the Americas, a boutique internal IT division was defining technical, data hosting, and security standards, in addition to providing some project management services. The client wanted to use the work of this division as the basis for a global concept of operations.

The Satori Solution

To identify capability gaps in the current support systems for digital marketing, we conducted needs assessments in 12 countries, which were selected based on their potential contribution to growth. We identified the capabilities of the current-state IT division that could be expanded as part of a global support organization, as well as new capabilities that would be developed. Next, we developed two scenarios that featured high-priority potential service offerings and the business processes required to support them. We then crafted four possible organizational designs and evaluated them based on their compatibility with the key processes. Finally, we created a governance model identifying stakeholder priorities, responsibilities, communication needs, and drafted a roadmap for the launch of the new concept of operations.

The Results

We gave our client the insight necessary to reach consensus on a definitive operational model, a critical step in capitalizing on the promise of digital marketing.


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