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Case Study

Designing an Avian Flu Readiness Program to Ensure Business Continuity


We designed and executed a program, processes, and tools for a global hospitality firm to enable business continuity during a potential Avian Flu pandemic.


A global hospitality firm needed to prepare for a potential Avian flu pandemic to ensure business continuity. The client’s globally expanding business created gaps in their existing pandemic management processes, exposing the business to various vulnerabilities. The aim was to minimize business disruption by mitigating losses, ensuring employee wellness, and equipping all business entities with right tools. The client also wanted the new pandemic planning to be comprehensive i.e. implemented organization-wide covering employees, contingent workers, subsidiaries/affiliates, and family households.

Satori Solution

“We defined a work program to manage strategic initiatives and execute program management processes. Tools and templates were developed to support program management and communication throughout the project. Our team worked with the client to understand the gaps in the current pandemic planning policies and prepared a roadmap to address those gaps. We also ensured successful integration of the new pandemic management policies to the existing business continuity plans and maintenance cycle.

We designed and implemented a dashboard across the organization, enabling our client to track the preparedness status at all its business entities. We also facilitated the launch of a global planning task force consisting of representatives from all critical business areas. We identified potential threat scenarios for Avian flu, developed global action plans, and conducted drills to test effectiveness of those action plans. Special focus was to design trigger-based action plans for each region and function. Finally, to ensure global compliance and communication, we translated the policies and deliverables into the local language.



Through effective program management we were able to ensure smooth implementation of new pandemic management policies across all business entities. This helped the client to be better prepared for managing any business disruptions in the future. The client has been successfully using the new pandemic planning tools and methodologies.


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