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Case Study

Designing and Implementing Internal Customer Feedback Program


The R&D informatics group of a global biotechnology firm sought to become a world-class service provider.  As such, it realized that it must be aware of potential issues and unmet customer needs on an ongoing basis. With this knowledge in hand, the group could properly calibrate plans and resources to address these gaps and ensure customer requirements were met.

Satori Solution

We led the design, development, and rollout of a comprehensive Voice of Customer program. This program defined the structure, processes, and governance to elicit direct feedback from internal customers regarding the capabilities, informatics, and services the group provided. Furthermore, it also guided the analysis of feedback, generation of insights, operationalizing solutions, and communication back to customers.


The Voice of Customer program was successfully rolled out and very well received by the customer organizations. The feedback collected and insight obtained helped the informatics group align closely with customers by  improving its understanding of customer needs/priorities, conceptualizing/ prioritizing initiatives, and highlighting critical risks/issues. It  also helped to improve the group’s credibility, earning it a reputation as proactive and action-oriented team.


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