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Case Study

Developing an Improved and Formalized Data Reporting Infrastructure


We worked with the learning and training group and the human capital division’s reporting team to clean up its report inventory, implement a comprehensive set of core reports and improve its data quality to provide the group reliable, accurate data to enable it to better tell its story and make informed decisions.


To become more metrics-focused and impact-driven, our client needed to improve its data reporting universe, develop more consistent data usage and reporting processes and better capture its data.

Satori Solution

We designed, tested, and built a set of consistent core data reports satisfying the group’s day to day reporting needs and providing metrics dashboard summaries for strategic internal analysis and stakeholder presentations, steering away from ad-hoc and inconsistent report requests. Using these new reports, we created a data field list and calculation guide aligned with internal learning terminology to inform future report builds and ensure uniform data interpretation.

We archived over 300 outdated and redundant reports, reducing the report inventory by 91%. To maintain a clean inventory, we implemented an effective operating model to enhance governance over reporting change request management and to exercise oversight on the report inventory.

Based off the new core reports, we updated the group’s best practices around entering data into their learning data systems to satisfy new reporting requirements. We reviewed historical data in the systems to discover 54% of instructor data requiring updates and therefore executed a bulk instructor data upload. We conducted data audits and revised data and reporting training and audit processes to maintain accurate data.



We improved and provided structure to the client’s data reporting by standardizing their reporting system and data, enabling the client to accurately analyze and present its performance metrics internally and to stakeholders. We equipped the client to maintain accurate data and a clean report inventory by implementing an improved governance structure and processes. As a result, we facilitated strategic and impact-focused reporting and analysis.


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