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Case Study

Developing a Better Decision-making Framework


Our client optimized its decision-making approach for technology projects, resulting in ease of prioritization and faster time to deliver.


The European Business Technology team of a global pharmaceutical company launched a strategic accounts management applications system and became inundated with requests for improvements. Requests for improvements exceeded available budget and resource capacity by roughly 100%, so the organization needed an approach to prioritize upgrade investments. Upper management also recognized opportunities for improvements in its collaboration with both internal groups and external partners with respect to the software upgrade, relevant data warehouses, and the management of report requests.

Our team was engaged to help the client develop a methodology for making quality system upgrade decisions, to conceptualize and facilitate a reports governance process, and to improve and facilitate working relationships with a number of technology partners.


Satori Solution

We guided the design, management, and facilitation of the system upgrade governance process by introducing Return-on-Investment (ROI) as the metric for prioritizing upgrade requests. To improve the management of reports requests, we created a reports governance process, emphasizing reports re-usability and sharing among different European countries. We also introduced portfolio management principles to manage requests for reports from multiple systems platforms, which had been competing for the same budget and resources. As a final step, we focused on building collaboration, coaching a number of client colleagues and partners in the areas of communication, teamwork, and consensus-building.


Our recommended improvements contributed to the successful completion of the system upgrade as well as to getting the necessary buy-in from multiple groups and technology partners for the cross-platform reports and governance process.


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