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Case Study

Developing Capability to Establish and Deploy Data Standards


The R&D IT organization of a global pharmaceutical firm wanted to program manage a set of initiatives that would allow them to better understand the information being used throughout R&D, how and where it flowed, and implement a capability within R&D to establish and deploy data standards.

Satori Solution

We provided program leadership and served as a trusted advisor to the R&D IT leadership. We identified and prioritized key required initiatives, defined key projects and governance, mobilized teams, and provided program oversight while supporting the leadership team. We supported a comprehensive data and architecture “blueprinting” effort across the organization that focused on mapping data flows, processes, and systems. Our team also partnered with organizational leaders, playing a pivotal role in launching and managing a data stewardship capability spanning R&D.


We helped the client create R&D IT “blueprints” that formed the foundation of a holistic data management approach and ensured data standardization by allowing the client to view data flows and systems. The program and projects were aligned and executed in line with leadership priorities. We introduced a centralized capacity to assist in the identification of data standardization priorities and helped the client establish a data stewardship team.


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