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Case Study

Developing a Distributed Computing Environment


We managed the selection and end-to-end implementation of a distributed solution for our client’s critical systems, with no interruption in service.


Our client, a major investment bank, needed to migrate its message processing and interface application from a mainframe-based platform to a new distributed platform. As the primary conduit for straight-through processing activities, which amounted to half a million inter-bank financial transactions and over $6 trillion daily, the messaging platform was integral to the bank’s trading operations. The bank decided to use the impending migration as an opportunity to move all critical systems to a distributed computing environment, and it needed support in selecting a vendor and in deploying the new solution.

Satori Solution

We managed the end-to-end solution delivery by drawing on our experience of managing complex, mission-critical projects with technology components. We worked with our client to assemble a detailed vendor analysis plan. Once a vendor was selected, we drove the contracting and implementation processes, persuading a major software vendor to provide critical resources in support of aggressive delivery dates. In order to mitigate the risk associated with the migration and to ensure uninterrupted customer service, we moved quickly to adapt our client’s processes and tools to support the new solution. We also designed and coordinated the system testing effort with over 40 disparate application teams.


We successfully migrated all applications from the mainframe to the distributed solution, meeting budget and a compressed timetable.


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