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Case Study

Developing a Peer Network to Facilitate Collaboration


We developed a Peer Network that facilitated collaboration efforts between our client and other diverse internal service groups, helping them advance their positions, strategically and tactically, within each of their firms.


The Organizational Effectiveness group of a leading pharmaceutical company sought to broaden its understanding of opportunities and best practices within the internal consulting field. To that end, the group engaged our team to create a collaboration network with internal consulting groups at other organizations to share experiences, information, and lessons learned.

Satori Solution

In close partnership with the Organizational Effectiveness team, we recruited representatives from seventeen strategic companies and twenty internal consulting service groups from a number of key industries. Through interviews and interactive leadership sessions, we gathered exhaustive data from the participants, which we used to conduct a comprehensive study of the internal consulting discipline. The study identified the variables and parameters that influence a group’s decisions around operations and structures, given the context of its roles and responsibilities within the broader organization.


Our thorough study and Peer Network framework provided a foundation for future collaboration efforts by a number of the client’s internal service groups. Furthermore, our Peer Network capability has helped the client become a leader in the field of internal service group organizational effectiveness, management, and development.


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