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Case Study

Developing a Strategic Plan for Organizational Effectiveness


Fueled by large-scale organizational changes, a global luxury retailer identified opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness through the expansion of its Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Management (OETM) group within HR. In order to remain competitive in the industry, as well as to ensure the acquisition and retention of top talent, the client sought to articulate its vision to expand and revamp its OETM group.

Satori Solution

We developed a strategic plan that laid the foundation for a new OETM operating model to support the client’s business growth strategies and annual priorities from a talent & organization perspective. The strategic plan sought to align organizational effectiveness with business objectives by identifying capabilities necessary to attract, develop, support, and retain talented people. In this context, we proposed a new operating model. We understood that by becoming more data driven and systematic in its approach to Organizational Effectiveness offerings, and by operating as a truly global group in support of priority regions and individuals, the OETM group would help to drive business results.


We successfully persuaded the client on the merits and importance of a new operating model for the OETM group. The client reported-buy in from the company’s leadership team for the new strategic plan developed by us. Recommendations, such as the hiring of key personnel, were approved and proved to be instrumental in improving effectiveness and efficiency within the OETM group.


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