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Case Study

Developing a Strategic Plan to Manage Vendor Contracts


After a lengthy period of time with interim leaders, a new Chief was hired to oversee and improve the operational performance of the Commercial Services Program of a major government agency. The program was responsible for managing the contracts for concessions and other visitor services throughout the national agency – worth more than $1 billion each year. The new Chief sought to develop a new strategic plan for the Program.

Satori Solution

We led the development of the plan, which involved extensive engagement with internal and external stakeholders. We designed and managed the stakeholder outreach, performed more than 50 stakeholder interviews using a custom interview guide, and compiled and analyzed the feedback. We then designed and facilitated multi-day leadership workshops to socialize our findings and execute a process to reach consensus on strategic priorities and associated tactics. Using a Balanced Scorecard approach, and building on the work done by agency leaders in the workshop sessions, we developed a detailed strategic plan as well as executive summary presentations for briefing client leadership and other stakeholders.


The Commercial Services Program achieved strong buy-in internally and externally for its new strategy, by virtue of the extensive stakeholder engagement we designed and implemented. The detailed strategic roadmap and associated tactical implementation plans that we delivered, complete with initial steps and process owners, enabled the Program to make significant progress in defining and achieving its key objectives.


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