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Case Study

Developing a Virtual Training Program


The Global Learning and Development group of a major international pharmaceutical corporation needed to develop training to support an enhanced performance management program to move targeted business lines from a silo, traditional environment into an integrated matrix organization. Traditionally, performance management training had been delivered via a combination of physical, instructor-led sessions with hard copy documentation and remote, real-time sessions. However, the client wanted training around the enhanced performance management program to be entirely virtual. Our client wanted a solution that incorporated all of the training objectives into a single e-platform.

Satori Solution

To develop the training tool, we conducted an extensive review of the client’s legacy performance management program. We defined how the enhanced program needed to differentiate itself from the legacy program and considered the change management required to launch. Our team also developed core content of the training program and facilitated numerous working sessions to tailor content to the specific requirements of key client stakeholders.

To ensure successful implementation in a purely e-environment, we coordinated efforts with the client’s technical team to build interactive tools that not only conveyed the key message around newly enhanced performance management processes, but also engaged trainees by using training methods that were new and cutting-edge for their environment.



The training program we developed matched the requirements established by the client and allowed them to deliver an information-based tool to employees ahead of schedule. We not only defined the specifics of the enhanced performance management process but also enabled the client to move forward with its broader goal of creating an integrated matrix organization. The enhanced performance management tool will help the company drive high performance and growth in the long term through an increased investment in its people.


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