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Case Study

Developing an organizational design capability

We designed and delivered training to educate Organizational Effectiveness (OE) and HR participants on the fundamentals of our proprietary Organizational Design (OD) approach.

The Situation

A global luxury brand retailer needed to enhance the performance of select business areas. Trading conditions for all retailers had, in conjunction with the difficult economy, taken a recent turn for the worse. They responded with a series of headcount reductions but under-staffing had taken a toll on operations.

Senior executives identified Organizational Design (OD) as an activity that could help restore the company’s operating effectiveness. They engaged us to train a select group of Organizational Effectiveness (OE) and HR colleagues in OD approaches. This knowledge transfer would keep costs down and enable the client to apply internal capabilities to ongoing OD work.

The Satori Solution

We delivered the training in two phases. During Phase I, we led a three-session seminar that explored activities across the OD spectrum through an interactive case study. In Phase II workshop trainees led their HR generalist colleagues in a highly-structured simulation exercise aimed at producing lasting performance improvements through OD.

Aside from the combination of interactive and hands-on training, we provided reference materials, including templates and guidelines around facilitation and communication.

The Results

By the end of the engagement, we ensured that the OE and HR trainees understood how OD is performed, had obtained actual implementation experience, and were well-positioned to successfully implement their own OD projects going forward.


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