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Case Study

Developing an Information Technology Operating Model for a New Healthcare Center


A consortium of three leading hospitals with global reputations in the field of world-class cancer therapy jointly undertook the development of a new facility, to be the largest center to deliver the latest form of cancer therapy. This facility was developed over a period of more than four years and at a cost of over $400 million.

Prior to opening its doors in mid-2019, the management team of the facility asked us to conduct a comprehensive review of its Technology Organization – covering people, processes, technology platforms including a risk assessment.


Satori Solution

We developed an Information Technology Target Operating Model for the client, based on industry best practices, and then conducted a gap analysis to identify and diagnose the areas in which the client was sub-optimizing its resources or assuming unnecessary risk. The review covered six key domains: Performance Management, Organization & Governance, Capabilities & Processes, Technology, Sourcing, and People & Skills. In each of these domains where aspects of the client’s practices fell short of the ideal, our team developed recommendations.

Within the technology domain, we paid particular attention to the portfolio of 15 different suppliers, to ensure that the service levels required by the Client were accurately reflected in agreements and actually delivered in supplier performance.

Additionally, we developed a comprehensive roadmap laying out a timeline for when and how the recommendations should be implemented. We recommended rationalization of certain technology providers and assisted the client in the management of required transitions.



The center opened its doors (“first patient”) in July 2019 and quickly gained recognition for deploying this leading therapy. The technology support environment has performed as required, and we continue to work with the client to ensure that key technology and service management processes and practices are enhanced and embedded as the operation is scaled to full capacity.


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