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Case Study

Developing Playbooks for Global Digital Marketing Channels


We worked with a pharmaceutical firm to create standardized processes for global digital marketing channels to ensure consistent customer experiences and achieve economies of scale. We worked with the firm to understand its operating procedures globally, marketing content, and communications delivery through various channels.


Senior members of the marketing group requested our assistance in developing a consistent series of processes and strategies for marketing outreach. We teamed with international and local teams to define the approach, orchestrate the process, and create the deliverables for each marketing channel.

Satori Solution

We improved the process and requirements for a series of new “playbooks” for each channel platform, including webinars, customer portals, email campaign management, e-detail, and others. Our team assisted the client to assess its international marketing process and interactions of external and internal groups. We created a detailed approach and process defining the steps to take within the different marketing channels. Wiki sites and analytics were also created and utilized to leverage the client’s knowledge-base. We created a shared repository to collect best practices that fully capture the most effective marketing processes.


The completion of the project gave the client the playbooks and processes to consistently and effectively perform marketing through different channels internationally. The pharmaceutical client, along with our solution, created a seamless channel to share information across regions and products to effectively target its customers. These new playbooks were utilized across the firm for marketing to customers.


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