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Case Study

Developing Portfolio Goals

The Situation

A cross-functional portfolio segment team for the established products business with representatives from R&D, global supply, commercial, and safety needed to define their goals for 2017. These goals would then be presented to the leadership team and progress against the goals would be tracked throughout the year.

The Satori Solution

We interviewed stakeholders across the team to discuss 2016 achievements and potential areas for improvement in 2017. Based on the input and analysis of data from additional sources, we helped our client draft a new set of goals for 2017 and obtain buy-in from the team’s leadership on the new goals. We then worked with individual goal owners to develop an implementation toolkit, with milestones and KPIs for each goal.

The Results

Our guidance resulted in cross-functional team alignment to achieve the 2017 goals and track progress using our implementation toolkit, which enabled regular updates to business leadership to ensure transparency and alignment. 


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