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Case Study

Developing Tools & Approaches to Manage Organizational Change


A cabinet-level government agency needed organizational change management (OCM) support for the planned deployment of the new security and surveillance technologies embodied in a phased, multi-year, multi-site rollout. The solution being tested for deployment was a suite of technologies and processes covering core operations, hardware, and software. Some had deemed a beta test of several key technologies during the previous year a failure because of schedule and budget overruns, and because core technology components did not perform to stakeholder expectations. A second challenge, organizational complexity, had not been addressed in previous efforts. The client’s stratified command and control governance system made communications management difficult.

Satori Solution

We assessed the master implementation plan and validated the list of key impact areas. Based on the assessment, we developed a prototype impact assessment, a data-gathering plan, and a refined assessment timeline. To collect the necessary assessment data, our team gathered information resources such as operational guides and manuals, as well as identified and categorized key stakeholder groups, offices, subject matter experts, and other critical individuals. To finalize the assessment tool and approach, we held validation sessions with knowledgeable stakeholders and subject matter experts to verify the accuracy, relevance, and completeness of each of the impact areas. The resulting tool tapped a broad array of critical, relevant potential impact areas across the organization. Based on the validation sessions, we refined the logistics of the tool implementation plan and created a user guide for ongoing tool update.


The tools and approaches we developed provided the client with insight into the challenges ahead and better prepared them for implementation of new security and surveillance technologies.


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