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Case Study

Human Capital Digital Transformation Research


The human capital function of a top financial services firm wanted to identify product investments to digitally transform and improve the employee experience, and engaged Satori to conduct market research and identify key stakeholder needs to help determine a business proposal for an ideal investment strategy.


Our client, a top financial services firm, tasked us to work with business functions inside Human Capital to determine product investments to digitally transform and improve the employee experience. The client needed research and methods to understand the current performance, competitor performance, top vendor products, industry knowledge, and market trends. Satori was used for its experience with human resources and business process improvement.


Satori Solution

Satori conducted market research in Human Capital to understand the challenges, trends, and future outlooks of each HR functional area as well as HR’s role in the overall corporate strategy. Satori determined the top vendors’ value propositions that would increase automation and ultimately the user experience by employees, and disseminated that knowledge to the Working Group consisting of VPs and MDs globally. With this knowledge, Satori performed as a key contributor to user experience mapping and designing the future state per persona. In addition, for primary research, Satori designed internal and external facing surveys on Qualtrics, an online survey tool, analyzed the data, and produced findings as part of a final business proposal presentation to the head of the client’s Human Capital division.


The client utilized concrete numbers to benchmark their current state against competitors and calculate the ROI on technology investments. They also continued the initiative to conduct internal assessments by leveraging the surveys and reporting dashboards. Ultimately, this project set the foundations in creating a data-driven method to justify product investments and will continue for the other functions within HCM.


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