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Case Study

Enabling Organizational Growth Through Development of a Holistic Pharmacovigilance IT Strategy and Roadmap


Our client, a top biotechnology company, was experiencing significant growth in sales and drug safety case volume. The IT systems, processes, and vendor partnerships that supported the Pharmacovigilance organization had evolved piecemeal over time. Our client needed to develop a holistic IT strategy and roadmap informed by related enterprise IT needs / investments, which would provide a solid yet flexible foundation for the PVRM organization as growth continued unabated.

Satori Solution

We worked with our client to assess the current and emerging Pharmacovigilance, Risk Management and Pharmacoepidemiology IT needs, evaluate the enterprise IT strategy and related impacts, assess the current vendor landscape, and develop a robust IT Strategy & Roadmap guided by these inputs. A holistic IT strategy and realistic three-year roadmap was developed to guide implementation, and was endorsed by senior leadership.


Our work enabled our client to make concrete progress in addressing key IT needs that, if left unaddressed, would continue hindering operations. Our IT Strategy and Roadmap were critical in enabling our client to successfully manage 20%+ annual growth in case volume, new drug launches in Europe, and other major challenges. Our IT strategy was critical in helping the organization move from reactively addressing IT needs to proactively planning for technology capabilities which will support the organization’s growth.


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