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Case Study

Enhancing Customer Service Through Improved Dispute Resolution


We reduced our client’s average dispute-resolution time and its number of open customer disputes by providing recommendations for improved business processes.


A leading business intelligence service provider initiated a project to improve business processes aimed at raising customer service levels. A review of customer feedback helped the client identify focus areas within Quote to Cash (Q2C) processes. The goals of the project were to identify the root causes of customer service issues, determine the policy, process, and system changes necessary to overcome roadblocks, and establish a process for continuous improvement.

Based on the success of previously delivered projects, the client contacted us for assistance with the initiative.

Satori Solution

We leveraged our expertise in the working capital arena and our proactive approach to problem-solving to quickly gain an understanding of the client’s existing customer service framework.

Next, we reviewed customer disputes, examined the client’s cancellation process, and introduced new analytical reports aimed at identifying root causes of customer dissatisfaction. With this additional insight into the dispute process, we developed a storyboard to facilitate collaboration between the client’s Finance, Sales, Billing, and Customer Service teams. It also enabled both the our team and the client staff to better understand the gaps within the Q2C process, and to recommend improvements.


We facilitated “quick wins” that reduced the average dispute-resolution time by two days and the number of open disputes by 10%. Moreover, our practical recommendations within the policy, process, and systems framework also set the stage for long-term customer service improvement.


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