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Case Study

Establishing Compliance Through Retrospective Analysis


Our comprehensive project methodology and governance structure strengthened our client’s compliance with increased regulatory oversight.


As a result of increased regulatory oversight on drug safety, pharmaceutical companies had begun focusing attention on proactive risk management initiatives. Our client had identified various compliance-related issues and enlisted our deep industry expertise to help remediate these areas of potential risk.

Satori Solution

In conjunction with an alliance partner specializing in drug safety, we built and implemented a retrospective analysis project methodology which included the establishment of a governance structure and provision of full-scale project management resources. Our project task force created a methodology and action plan for analyzing and correcting outdated practices, developed the framework for conducting retrospective analyses, devised and tracked initiative success metrics, and deployed recommended solutions on an enterprise-wide basis.


Our comprehensive methodology, based in industry best practices, helped our client mitigate future procedural risks and establish operational excellence throughout all project life cycles.


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