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Case Study

Establishing release processes for a new operating system

We helped our client design, automate, and manage processes for releasing a more cost-effective operating system to a global organization.

The Situation

The technology division of a major investment bank believed that migrating to the Linux operating system would result in increased flexibility and significant savings. The division made it a priority to offer Linux as an available operating system, moving quickly to decide on a distributor and establish a team. However, it became clear that the team needed help defining the appropriate internal release processes.

The Satori Solution

Satori established a release schedule to prepare the engineers responsible for the rollout for the timelines and expected deliverables for each release. We produced a product roadmap to inform early and future adopters of the feature release schedule. We also created a feature request tracking system that documented and prioritized requests for releases. Finally, we worked with the client team to identify the critical steps for producing a release. This facilitated an understanding among the team members of each person’s responsibilities and tasks and their relation to one another.

The Results

The engagement improved resulted in consistent release management processes and improved communication. Our client is prepared to reap significant benefits as the use of Linux expands throughout the firm.


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