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Case Study

Corporate Leadership Gender Representation Baseline Metrics Survey


A Coalition of top business leaders from around the globe dedicated to gender equity in corporate leadership sought to conduct a baseline survey of its member companies to measure gender representation across a wide range of dimensions in their organizations.  Utilizing expertise in the secure collection of sensitive company data and complex quantitative and qualitative analysis, Satori delivered industry-leading findings and actionable insights for more than thirty member companies and Coalition at large.


A coalition of business leaders, made of up Fortune 500 CEOs, senior executives, board members and business academics, committed to achieving gender parity in corporate leadership, sought to conduct a baseline survey of its coalition member companies to measure gender representation across a wide range of dimensions in their organizations. Satori was engaged to complete this project based upon having substantial expertise in the administration of confidential surveys that examine sensitive company data and expert capabilities in the needed quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Satori Solution

Satori led the effort end-to-end, from working with the Coalition’s Metrics Committee in developing the survey to gathering all data, conducting extensive analysis, and presenting the findings at the organization’s Annual Meeting. The client relied upon Satori to engage C-Suite stakeholders at the member organizations in order to maximize participation, providing invaluable support and guidance to the team throughout the administration period.  Satori was tasked with crafting a complex analysis of the data and reporting meaningful findings in comparison with other leading research in this highly specialized knowledge area.  This information was shared as the keynote presentation to the senior leaders at the annual meeting. In addition, Satori produced over thirty custom reports that uncovered further actionable insights for each member company.


Satori delivered a successful baseline survey for the client in this niche, highly specialized subject matter.  Satori built the process and executed what became a groundbreaking exercise for Fortune 500 companies in the area of gender equity in corporate leadership.  Through the analysis, the team uncovered findings worthy of driving industry thought leadership forward.  Satori developed an effective process for the baseline examination as well as the infrastructure to repeat the process on an annual basis for the Coalition with ongoing, continuous improvement.


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