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Case Study

Implementing the Global Process for a Commercial Customer Engagement Program


In response to regulatory warnings, a global life sciences company established a corporate policy and associated processes to ensure compliance in marketing. Although the compliance solutions alleviated regulatory scrutiny, operations were strained and compliance gaps persisted. Leaders within the company launched an effort to improve compliance results while minimizing the administrative and compliance burdens on marketers.

Satori Solution

We led a program management office charged with continuous improvement across 70+ markets to streamline compliance and advance operational strategy. We developed and implemented a complex global rollout to drive continuous improvement. Our team successfully established and operationalized a marketing support organization, modeled its headcount, secured its buy-in and budget, and managed recruitment and onboarding of 40 permanent employees. We also implemented vendor management operations including a system that automated processes, enabled oversight and analysis of performance, and equipped the company to use data to inform vendor selection. Further, we facilitated the development of training assets to replace and streamline a formerly cumbersome training platform. Finally, we developed a reporting dashboard and accountability campaign.


We enhanced how the company strategically engaged vendors, maximized vendor performance, and remediated issues. Our transformation of training created an emphasis on innovation, maximum engagement, retention, and application. Our efforts to streamline the training platform reduced learner “seat time” by 33%, which significantly improved learner engagement, knowledge retention, and application. We also improved overall quality management through the reporting dashboard and accountability campaign. The improvements made during the project allowed the client to reduce quality deviations by over 85% in one year.


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