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Case Study

Improving Access Controls for Trading Data


A leading global investment bank faced challenges in safeguarding the security and integrity of its trading data, and ensuring that the functionality to which its traders had access could be monitored and audited. For certain mission-critical applications, the absence of a comprehensible and auditable framework for the provisioning of system entitlements was preventing the firm from entering new markets, due to regulators’ concerns. The firm’s trading floor had traditionally been a strong profit center and possessed a highly entrepreneurial character. As a reflection of this, hundreds of different applications, developed in-house, were being used on the floor. The client sought to design and implement a framework to assure that sensitive trade data could be accessed by only those with a need to know.

Satori Solution

To achieve the goal of assuring appropriate access to sensitive trade data, we assisted the firm in reviewing its existing records to understand who had access to, and entitlements within, each application. An additional tactical goal was to provide a scalable process that would allow the trading floor to meet new regulations, by validating that all entitlements held by Securities Division personnel were appropriate. We designed and implemented a research data environment to demonstrate the feasibility of the approach, frame discussions between stakeholders, and draft functional requirements for a strategic solution.


Our team successfully demonstrated and validated an approach that delivered to the client the control and efficiency benefits it sought. We also led the development of a plan that delivered the solution on time.


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